Getting The Most Out Of Your Property Sale

In order to improve your chances of selling your property quickly and for a decent profit, there are a lot of things you can do. Information is power in the property sales industry, and this article will help shed some light on various tips and tactics you can use to make sure that you’re always acting as an empowered seller.


Keep it clean.

When it comes to buyers looking around your property the first thing that anyone will notice is how clean and tidy your property is. It is always a good idea to give each and every room a thorough deep clean before any viewing, and inspect each and every aspect of your property as if you were a buyer yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have the funds to do major repairs, the main thing is appearance, so go around the property with a tin of gloss and give each skirting board and door a touch up. Any marks or scuffs need to be cleaned off or painted over.

Also cleaning the outside of the property is just as important as the inside. You may need to trim down trees, bushes or give the lawn a going over. All of these tips will help you get a fast house sale.

Inspections help.

If you can afford it, it may be an idea to have your home pre-inspected before starting to sell.

Some strict buyers, especially investors will completely disregard a house that hasn’t been inspected recently by a surveyor. If it is a buyers’ market, any potential buyer may not be willing to purchase a full survey; and you might end up losing a buyer because of it. If you have it to hand and can show them it, it may just snag you that sale you need.

Go green.

The world as we know it is changing, and everywhere we look companies, individuals and buildings are getting greener. The same applies to your property, anything that you can do to make the property greener will definitely be an added selling point. If you can’t afford to make the investment for solar panels, don’t worry about it. A number of companies are offering free panels in exchange for the savings that they make. It is a win win situation for yourself and the company.

There are also companies that will freely install an electric car charging point in your property. This is a great selling point, as electric cars are becoming more widely accepted in society.

Keep in mind when you are trying to sell your house that a quick sale may mean a lower offer, so you need to be prepared to accept a marginal discount on your home. However, having said that this is only reflect in the time you will sell and the costs that you will have saved on during the time it would have took you to sell.

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